Fairmont Opera House

Creating Today's Memories . . . Preserving Yesterday's

Our Mission is to provide a historical arts and entertainment center with the purpose of promoting cultural growth and community involvement


Subscription tickets are currently unavailable for online purchase. Please call the office to order a subscription package
. The 12-show package may be purchased online, 

Call 507-238-4900 to pick a package. Please have the following information available:
• The package you want to subscribe to (12, 9, or 6 shows)
• If choosing the 9 or 6 show package, which shows you want to attend (see the Fairmont Opera House Performances page)
• Determine if you want to attend the optional show, “Away in the Basement – A Church Basement Ladies Christmas”
• Credit card information

General Information

• The more shows included (12, 9 or 6 shows), the greater the discount.

• Subscription discounts offer the best pricing. However, if someone does not wish to order a subscription package, they can still receive substantial discounts, including early bird, senior, student, or children under 10 discounts. Only one discount may be applied to each ticket.

• Once the discounts are applied for subscriptions, seniors, students, children under 10, or early bird purchases, the ticket prices are often LOWER than last year.

• The shows are now categorized by color. Different packages combine different numbers of shows from each category.

• If you are unsure of how to use our new system, please call us at the office and we’ll get your subscription set up for you.


NOTE: “Away in the Basement – A Church Basement Ladies Christmas” is not available as part of a subscription package. Tickets for this show must be purchased separately.

If a 12-show package is ordered, the system will sell the subscription first, after which a code will be sent in an “Order Confirmation” message. Once this code is received, individual seats may be selected. This is done by going through the system again as if ordering individual tickets for each event. Once the seats are selected for the desired event(s), go to the purchase page and enter the code communicated in order confirmation message. Doing so will negate the charges listed on the ticket page.